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Innovation is the key word of your work.

TEXBAG is strongly committed to innovation and quality by developing new services, solutions and products that meet customer expectations, and also the specific needs of each market. To this end, TEXBAG strives maximum respect for the environment, through a modern production cycle with innovative materials. We have been developing work that allows us to evolve in a decisive and sustained manner, keeping us at the forefront of the solutions, presented to each new challenge of the market and of society in general.

Through the package we have the confidence to add value to your business.

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We want to provide the best service. We seek perfection to ensure at least excellence.
We have three major allies - our past, our present and our future.
We seek to meet current needs without compromising those of future generations.
We work every day to be able to achieve sustainable development, through our area of activity

so that current and future generations enjoy a better life.

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The companie's identity and their image result, more and more, not only of its economic and financial performance, but also the set of principles, values, behaviors.
The ethics of a company is, first of all, the ethics of its employees, who must follow a set of rules and principles of conduct, a standard of impeccable behavior. These aspects are so important, the greater the social importance of the company and its visibility.
The ethical values are a concern in TEXBAG - Packaging Solutions.

TEXBAG and its staff have always guided its actions not forgetting the impact that their decisions, forms of action and behavior have on their: customers, suppliers, employees, regulators and public generally.

TEXBAG undertakes to fulfill: the Policy for Organizations Association with FSC®; FSC® standards and the PEFC™; implementation of the chain of custody requirements of FSC® and PEFC™.

TEXBAG undertakes to avoid the following controversial activities:
- Illegal Slaughtering or timber trade and illegal forest products;
- Violation of human rights and traditional rights and OIT Fundamental Conventions;
- Significant destruction of high conservation values in forests;
- Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest uses;
- Introduction of genetically modified organisms for commercial purposes.

Our core values:


 Customer Oriented  /  Honesty Quality Leadership  /  ExcellenceEnvironmental Concern

Training and development of our employees  /  Ensuring Safety and Health at Work / Social Responsability  /  Long Term Managment  / Financial Stability /  Innovation

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 TEXBAG is guided by an internal model of Human Resource Management, which seeks the constant and increasing develpment of its employees.

Operationalize a performance evaluation system based on segmentation, the Company's performance evaluation based on business indicators and analysis of individual performance (based on management and leadership skills, technical skills and individual indicators). Reinforce the culture of performance (achievement of objectives) and excellence, detecting and identifying potential opportunities for development.

The Training and Development of our employees is for us an important success factor. 

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